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Voice Specialist (Voice Clinic)

What is a Voice Clinic?

We provide an individualised program of voice and communication services for adults and children with a range of voice and communication difficulties. Our services are supported by a voice specialist Mr Kenneth Muscat and a speech pathologist Ms Donia Stellini.

If your voice has changed or you have become hoarse,  it is a good idea to make an appointment with our voice specialist Mr. Kenneth Muscat  especially if this change persists after a few days, particularly if you have not been shouting/overusing your voice or if you have had a cold. 

Professional voice users rely on their voice for their livelihood. A singer, actor, teacher, lawyer or notary needs to maintain a good vocal health to sustain and enhance their career.

The Voice Clinic's team offers a wide array of diagnostic and treatment options for people with speaking or singing voice issues.


Speech Therapy

Our Speech and language therapist Ms. Donia Stellini has detailed university and scientific training in all the complex aspects of the human voice. The therapy is aimed to restore the best possible voice for the patient. This begins with educating all the patients in how to care for their voice (vocal hygiene) and helping the patient to understand the lifestyle factors and any stresses which have led to the hoarseness. Reduction or removal of these factors is often essential in restoring a good voice and the therapist is able to continuously monitor and measure the patient's progress. 

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