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ENT Clinics

An ENT Specialist is an ear, nose and throat specialist.  ENT specialists are also called Otolaryngologists or ENT doctors. 

An ENT specialist further specializes in the ear (ear doctor or otologist), nose (nose doctor or rhinologist) or throat (throat doctor or laryngologist).

Common symptoms treated by an ENT specialist include but are not limited to:

Hay fever symptoms

Injury to the ears, nose, or throat.
Hearing impairment.
Ear infection/pain.
Tonsil or adenoid infection.
Swimmer's ear (water trapped in the ear).

At National Pharmacy Hamrun Malta we have 3 resident ENT specialists each of which further specializes in either the ear, nose or throat.

Mr Imed Ben Moussa ENT specialist has a special interest in ENT paediatrics and the nose (Rhinologist).

Mr John Cutajar ENT specialist specializes in the ears (Otologist).  Mr. John Cutajar treats complex ear disease, hearing loss that could be improved with an implantable hearing device, tumors in or near the ear, revision ear surgery, complicated vertigo (dizziness) that’s not improving, recurrent or chronic ear infections.

Mr Kenneth Muscat who is an ENT Specialist and Thyroid Specialist specializes in the throat (laryngologist), voice pathology (voice specialist), head and neck specialist (head and neck cancers).  

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