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Doctor's Timetable / Lista tat-tobba

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Clinic / Klinika tal-widnejn, imnieher u l-grizmejn

Mr. Imed Ben Moussa

ENT Specialist every Monday and Friday at 4 - 5pm by appointment

Mr. John Cutajar

ENT Specialist every Thursday at 4pm by appointment

Mr. Kenneth Muscat

ENT Specialist and Thyroid Specialist every Tuesday at 4pm

by appointment performs Thyroid and Neck Ultrasounds

Dr. Pierre Farrugia Opthalmologist

Tuesday and Thursday 1:45pm

Alternate Saturdays 10:30am by appointment

Dr. Sarah Sultana Grixti Gynaecologist

alternate Tuesdays by appointment

Dr. Deo Debattista GP 

every Monday 530pm Wednesday 530pm Friday 5.30pm

and Saturday 4pm 

Walk-in Clinic (No appointment required)

Mr. Matthew Schembri Podologist

every Thursdays 3pm by appointment

Ms. Roxanne Meli Nutritionist by appointment.

Ms. Samantha Camilleri Speech and Language Pathologist

SLP by appointment Friday afternoon.


Doctors/Specialists in attendance: Service
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