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Dr. Ciskje Zarb

Aesthethic Doctor - Botox, Fillers, Aqualyx, Alidya and Chemical peeling


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Ciskje Zarb graduated as a Doctor of Family Medicine and Surgery from the University in Malta back in 2014.


Immediately upon graduating, apart from working 2 years as a house man followed by 2 years of basic surgical training at Mater Dei, he started attending several courses abroad, training in several treatment modalities in the field of aesthetic medicine whilst attending several conferences. He became an aesthetic physician well versed in basic and advanced application of dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, laser hair removal, chemical peeling, derma blading and derma rolling.


He also introduced Aqualyx and Alidya to the Maltese market, becoming the only recognised trainer and the first Maltese doctor certified by Marllor company to apply such treatments.

Dr. Zarb continuously pursues to improve his techniques, knowledge and repertoire in order to provide the best treatment to his patients. He solely believes that excellence is the only option, making sure that his clients are well informed about the treatment modalities available to achieve their desired goal. Dr Ciskje continuously treats patient in a holistic approach and promises to always be truthful and professional.

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